Sharp LC-70SQ15U 70-inch Aquos Q+ 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV Customer Reviews

This TV is just amazing. I purchased two Vizio 70”s and got two duds. I upgraded to this bad boy and never looked back. There are some reviews that state that this TV is complicated, or hard to set up. This TV is totally programmable when it comes to user preferences. This thing is like a new computer. RIGHT CLICK ON EVERYTHING!!!! The color out of the box is heart stopping. The whites are pure, and when it fades to black, with the power light disabled, you cannot tell that it is powered up. The motion as one other reviewer put it, is as smooth as butter. The upconvert is fantastic. Yes upconvert is programmable! The web menu is nice and customizable! The speakers are there. I am not using them. The remote is not backlit. I used it to program my RF10, and took the batteries out of it and put it away. the stand is massive and appears very safe. I am not using that either, rather I hung it on the wall. There is a 25% washout degradation at 30 degrees off center. However, it is no big deal unless you wish to watch it from another room on an angle. The Sharp is very attractive and not too heavy. I am very happy with it so far.

This model just came out and i bought it today. picture is excellent, what i like to call movie theater quality. I haven’t used the web browser or downloaded movies. I played a bluray and it was great, the depth of the picture and clarity are excellent. I talked with sharp and they told me that soon they will be having a service where you can call them and they can remotely tweak the tv which i am looking forward to. I’m looking forward to 4k in the future. If you decide to get this tv I would definately recommend upgrading your HDMI cables to 2.0 as opposed to 1.4 This tv comes with the 2.0 HDMI built in which is the standard for 4k If you have a 2013 TV or older check with your manufacturer about possibly upgrading the HDMI inputs to 2.0 , rumor has it that sony will be sending out installers to upgrade customers for free. I also haven’t tried the 3D , I didnt receive any glasses in the box and from what ive heard my older active glasses will not work with this set. Overall this TV seems great for the money, can’t wait for my friends to check it out

I wanted to add that I used the 3d it works great. the glasses need to be bought separately . Also the 4k ready if used will be 2k not true 4k. The upscaling revelation technology seems to be awesome and is what makes the picture look great I am assuming. If you are looking for a great picture for bluray and HD this set delivers, if you want one with true 4k for the future your gonna need to shell out an extra 2 grand.